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Ardoran Marine are main agents for Honda and Suzuki outboards, Honda & Suzumar inflatables, and are stockists of Ultraflex & Morse controls and steering, oils, fuel tanks and accessories. We have a fully equipped main dealer workshop with engineers trained to stringent Honda and Suzuki standards. There is a call-out service for engines supplied by ourselves. As one of the largest dealerships in Scotland and the North of England we stock a wide range of new and second-hand outboards, both two and four-stroke, along with a large stock of spares.

The full range of Honda & Suzuki outboard spares & service items are available from Ardoran Marine Ltd.



The parts listed below are all for sale at half of the original retail price (all reasonable offers considered).

They are all original Honda Parts but have no original packaging. Email for details.

All prices below exclude V.A.T.

Parts available for Honda BF 50

Air intake silencer 17390-ZW4-H00 £60.00
Crankshaft 13311-ZV5-000 £290.00
Cylinder block 12000-ZW4-405ZA (A4 model) £400.00
Exhaust tube right 18330-ZV5-020 £50.00

Parts available for Honda BF90

Air intake silencer 17390-ZW1-030 £75.00
Crankshaft 13310-ZW1-L00 £250.00
Cylinder block 12000-ZW1-L00ZA £400.00
Flywheel 31110-ZW1-000ZA £225.00
Valve spring Ex (*=inner) 14752-ZW1-000* £2.00
Valve spring Ex (*=outer) 14753-ZW1-000 £5.00
Valve spring inlet 14751-ZW1-000 £4.00

Parts available for Honda BF150

Camshaft Ex (*=LF head) 14120-ZY6-000 £180.00
Crankshaft 13310-PPA-000 £400.00
Exhaust tube right 18130-ZY6-000ZA £90.00
Exhaust valve 14721-PNA-000 £17.00
Flywheel 31110-ZY6-000ZA £150.00
Piston ring set 13010-ZY6-000 £20.00
Valve spring Ex (*=inner) 14762-PNA-003 £4.00
Valve spring inlet 14751-ZY6-003 £5.00

Camshaft In (*=RT head) 14211-ZY3-000* £180.00
Crankshaft 13310-PGK-A00 £360.00
Exhaust tube right 18141-ZY3-000ZA £16.00
Exhaust tube left 18151-ZY3-000ZA £16.00
Exhaust valve 14721-PXK-000 £21.00
Flywheel 31110-ZY3-000ZA £150.00
Inlet valve 14711-PXK-000 £13.00
Piston 13101-ZY3-000 £32.00
Piston ring set 13010-ZY3-000 £22.00
Throttle body 16400-ZY3-003 (BF200) £360.00
Valve spring Ex (*=inner) 14762-P8E-A01 £5.00
Valve spring inlet 14761-P8E-A01 £5.00


The parts listed below are all for sale at half of the original retail price (all reasonable offers considered).

They are all genuine Suzuki parts. Email for further details.

All prices below exclude V.A.T.

Parts available for Suzuki 2-Stroke outboards

Bearing 09262-30049 DT50/65/75/85 £9.00
Bearing 09262-35052 DT40/50/55/65 £12.00
Bearing 09263-28026 DT150/175/200/225 £20.00
Clamp bracket 41120-95D11-0ED DT25/30 £10.00
Clutch dog shifter 57621-87D01 V6. DT150/200 £20.00
Clutch dog shifter 57621-96310 DT25 (2-Cylinder) £10.00
Cylinder assembly 11301-94411-0ED DT40C £90.00
Drag link 67701-94511 DT115/140 £15.00
Drag link 67701-87D01 V6. DT150-225 £15.00
Drag link - 3 available 67701-95500 DT55/65/75/85 £15.00
Drive shaft 57110-93001 DT20 (blue) £20.00
Drive shaft 57110-99206 DT7.5 £20.00
Drive shaft housing 52111-95660-0ED DT75/85 £60.00
Engine holder 51111095602-0ED DT75/85 £40.00
Exhaust tube 52141-93400 DT9.9/14/16/20/25/28 £15.00
Gasket, drive shaft housing 52113-95630 DT75/85 £12.00
Ignition coil 32140-99036 DT100 £20.00
Ignition timing switch 37920-95500 DT25/30/55/65/75/85 £15.00
Lighting coil 32120-98120 DT5/6/8 (2-cylinder) £10.00
Lower mount 54160-96310 DT25 £8.00
Oil pump driver gear 16321-94600 DT115/140 £15.00
Piston 12120-88D03 V6 £20.00
Piston 12110-99002 DT100 £8.00
Piston 12110-98004 DT2 £5.00
Piston ring set 12140-93301 DT25/28 £5.00
Piston ring set 12140-88D00 V6 £12.00
Piston ring set 12140-95320-050 DT75/80/90/100/115/140 £8.00
Piston ring set 12140-95311-050 50/55/60/75/85/115/140 £8.00
Piston ring set 12140-95311-025 50/55/60/75/85/115/140 £8.00
Piston ring set 12140-96361 DT20/25/30 £7.00
Piston ring set 12140-96310 DT25 (2-Cylinder) £10.00
Propeller 58111-98304-019 DT3.5 £15.00
Reverse gear 57521-96311 DT20/25/30 (2-Cylinder) £10.00
Shifting cam 25311-94700 DT55/65C £8.00
Shim set 57500-87840 DT150/200 £10.00
Solenoid assembly 38600-95D01 DT30C £10.00
Starter motor bracket 31911-94514-02M DT75/85 £8.00
Starter motor cable 33810-95601 DT75/85 £15.00
Upper mount 54130-95500 DT50/60/65/75/85 £8.00
Upper mount 54120-93303 DT14/16 £15.00
Upper mount 54130-95620 DT75/85 £8.00
Water pump seal tube 17431-93001 DT9.9/14/16/20/25/28 £8.00

Also Available

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